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Capital commune presents 2019 Safe Winter Plan

The Municipal Government of Managua presented on Tuesday the 2019 Safe Winter Plan in coordination with the Red Cross, National Police and Sinapred.

 The Winter Plan 2019 is structured on 4 fundamental pillars such as: community organization and participation; cleaning and maintenance of the city's drainage system; urban territorial and environmental regulation and control and infrastructure, protection and mitigation works. 

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that this year the Winter Plan will execute 69 storm drainage infrastructure projects throughout the capital and in the last 10 years, the capital commune has carried out 700 projects in drainage works that have managed to reduce the points critical points, from 210 to 57 critical points as of today.

“In the city of Managua there are 57 critical flood pointswith 1,642 families exposed to different levels of risk, of which there is only 1 critical point level A in district III with 15 families, 614 families in level B, 768 families in C, 1 in D and 3 in the E ".

Moreno explained that the work and efforts of this administration have reduced the number of families in risk at critical points.

"In 2010 there were almost 20 thousand families exposed to risks, we had 210 critical points, today there are only 57 critical points, of these only 1 is category A, at these points there are 1,642 families."

 Moreno stressed that with the help of friendly governments, the Central Government built more than 10,000 new homes in non-floodable areas, evacuating non-habitable critical points such as the coastal area.

To improve the lives of families that still remain in critical points, the municipality has been working on a proposal for the Master Runoff Plan with the IDB.

Among the core points of the Winter Plan, the second component is the cleaning of the city's major drainage system, made up of lined channels and micro-dams, which has now been completed and with this cleaning, 20 micro-dams, 66 kilometers of lined channels and In the minor drainage, 13 thousand swallows were treated.

While the drainage works that are carried out in districts IV, V and VI, in the La Primavera, Domitila Lugo, Walter Ferreti channels, focus on attending the micro-basin that comes from El Crucero and that affects the lower part of the city .

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