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Mayor's Office builds a new shopping center in the heart of the Oriental market

Renacer is the name that all the merchants affected by the fire of May 17, 2017, chose for the new shopping center, built in the heart of the Oriental market.

The two-story building has 232 modules and a construction area of 6,400 square meters with an investment of 139 million 187 thousand 699.55 córdobas. The modules have all the basic services, installed the drinking water system, the electricity system, drainage, sanitary water and warehouses for those sections that are larger.

Renacer is no longer a dream, a fantasy, today it is a reality, this shopping center that will house merchants on their own, who believe in this country and who energize the engine of the Nicaraguan economy with their work, with their commitment and with their determination.

Mayor Reyna Rueda stressed that all dreams are possible, when there is an iron will to find the way out to the tests.

"Today we are all united in celebration with you, we are being reborn together, thanks to the political will of our government, thank you brothers for that faith, for that hope in this government, because just as your pain was ours, your joy is our joy" .

Rueda and the benefited merchants highlighted how important it was for the construction of the building, the solidarity of those merchants, who gave up their sections to make way for machinery and who transported construction materials for 18 months.

"God bless all the hands that made this project possible, a project of faith and solidarity, because there are brothers who did not burn their business, but they were in solidarity with those who lost everything and they agreed for more than 18 months to be removed. From their workplaces, we are talking about the 30 merchants who had to accept that their sections were demolished and the 130 merchants who were on the sidewalks and who had to reduce their work space when access routes were cleared. "

The new building has a height of 15 meters, a modern fire system, integrated by cabinets that have fire hoses, hydrants, smoke sprinklers, three water cisterns that are buried under the building with a capacity of 26 thousand gallons of water. , each.

The building's fire system can solve any emergency inside and outside the building, in a range of 200 meters around, because the well that the municipality built has a capacity to pump 700 gallons of water per minute.

In addition, it has access ramps so that merchants can enter their products to their workstations or warehouses.

The building has administrative offices to serve the general public, dining area, restrooms, on the first floor you will find everything that is groceries, dairy and perishable products, on the second floor clothing, cosmetics and dining rooms.

Ivania Toruño, representative of the merchants, thanked the government for its work to fulfill the promise of a new workplace.

“This dream would not have come true, if our Government, led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, had not had the will and the resources to build the building, in this way the Sandinista government is in solidarity with the families who lost their jobs. , his capital and the effort of a lifetime ”.

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