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Renacer is the name of the new gallery located in the heart of the Oriental market

The new shopping center built in the heart of the Oriental market is ready and will be inaugurated in the next few days, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas during a tour of the new galleron facilities. "Be reborn", that will house the merchants that two years ago lost their businesses due to a fire, on May 17, 2017.

The two-story building has 232 modules, a drinking water system, an electricity system and a modern fire-fighting system, as well as ramps so that merchants can bring their products to their workstations or warehouses.

 “We are seeing the rebirth of a new shopping center that has nothing to envy to the shopping centers, it is a work of art built in the heart of the market, the brothers who will work here will have excellent ventilation, the merchants are ready to move to their new work spaces, there is also a modern fire system that has its own water well, smoke sprinklers and three water tanks with a capacity of 26 thousand gallons each ”.

The building, in addition to the modules with their warehouses, has a dining room area and other types of businesses, a laundry area, bathrooms and administrative offices, the new shopping center will guarantee a better commercial activity in safe conditions.

The modern firefighting system has two pumps, one electric and one combustion with which any type of incidents will be dealt with immediately, taking into account that the previous space damaged, the cause of the incident was the bad electrical connections.

Freddy Rivera Calero, General Manager of the eastern market, confirmed that the modules have safe electrical connections.

“This is a safe commercial area, the establishments have their electricity meters, there are ramps so that people with disabilities can enter the two floors, there will also be security regulations inside the building to guarantee tranquility and safety to merchants and buyers. ”.

Jorge González, President of the Oriental Merchants Association, explained that the distribution of the modules was in consensus with the merchants.

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