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Ticuantepe Municipality of Managua develops its Equestrian festivities

From the Xilonem recreational center, the Managua Department of Tourism announced the start of the Ticuantepe patron saint festivities that are celebrated in honor of the Day of the Cross, in addition to publicizing the tourist attractions that this municipality offers.

In this tourist launch, the comrade Ligia Ramírez, mayor of Ticuantepe announced the activities of the patron saint festivities that begin on May 3, with the catwalk of the candidates from all the communities, in the Pico de Gallo restaurant, as well as, the election of the queen and bride of the equestrian to take place on the morning of the 5th of the same month, in the streets of the pochotes and the performance of the equestrian event on May 19 of the current.

Likewise, the municipal authorities of Ticuantepe invited Nicaraguan families to visit this municipality, which is characterized by its green, fresh and all its gastronomy that can be enjoyed in its restaurants, recreational centers, nature reserves and viewpoints.

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