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Good Governance continues to restore the right to decent housing

When Dona Nidia Fornos watched a year ago as her home was consumed by flames, she wept bitterly. Today he not only smiles, he says he is happy with his rehabilitated home, thanks to the Good Government that fulfilled his dream of having his house in good condition again.

Doña Nidia said that she has lived in this neighborhood for more than 40 years and it is the first time that a tragedy like this has happened to her, which today was overcome by the goodwill of two sister governments such as Nicaragua and China Taiwan.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda and the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), His Excellency Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, handed over the keys to the protagonist who will live in this fully restored house with 14 members of her family.

"I want to thank God, the Ambassador and the Mayor for my house," Fornos said upon receiving the new home.

Mayor Reyna Rueda said that now Mrs. Nidia will live in a beautiful place, but above all safe, she also reported that only in the Benedicto Valverde neighborhood, the Good Government has delivered 102 homes since 2009 and with the support of China Taiwan this house is number 92.

He added that more than 11 million córdobas have been invested in this neighborhood for the rehabilitation of streets and water and sanitation projects that benefit the entire Benedict area.

For his part, the Ambassador of Taiwan said he was satisfied because thanks to the friendship of both governments, hope is restored to Doña Nidia and her family, and reaffirmed once again his unconditional support for the Government of Nicaragua.

“We are very pleased to see the efficiency of the Mayor's work team. We want to show the solidarity of the people and Government of Taiwan with the people and Government of Nicaragua, "said the diplomat.

During the delivery of decent housing, a medical brigade provided free consultations and medicines to the inhabitants of the sector, who attended and received the benefit that the Good Government granted them.

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