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The capital commune builds a new vehicular bridge in the El Borbollón riverbed

Twenty days ago, the Mayor's Office began the construction works of the vehicular bridge in the El Borbollón riverbed, which traces the city from south to north, passing the Pan-American highway and Monte Fresco through Belén city, the road improvement project will carry out storm drainage works In the channel covering just over 68 linear meters with hydraulic concrete, the new bridge will be the largest on the northern highway, as reported by Fidel Moreno.

“This third bridge we will be joining the 5.7 kilometers that we built in the extension of the Larreynaga Track, with another 1.5-kilometer stretch of highway that leads to the Pan-American Highway. With the new bridge, an alternate route will be completed that will streamline traffic on the Northern Highway, the bridge will have a length of 21 meters, with 4 lanes and two will remain on hold, only in the bridge we are investing 70 million córdobas and in the expansion of the Larreynaga Track another 70 million ”.

Moreno explained that the road improvement project will eliminate a critical point, since the waters in that sector always overflow and by the end of the year the total expansion of the track would be inaugurated.

“Among the works to be carried out are the lining of a little more 68 linear meters of riverbed with hydraulic concrete downstream and in 2021 we will cover 200 meters upstream, 64 meters of pipe will be installed and 162 meters of riverbeds will be stabilized with gabions, the construction of the bridge will be done in six months, there are two bridges and once installed at the end of the year we will be inaugurating the extension of the runway ”.

The expansion of the Larreynaga Track increases the road network more than 7 kilometers of totally new wagon and 3 vehicular bridges, one in Praderas del Doral, another in Villa Dignidad and another double in Borbollón.

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