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Municipality will eliminate critical point in the Germán Pomares neighborhood

With the aim of eliminating a critical point in District V of the municipality, the construction of a bridge box over the riverbed of the Germán Pomares neighborhood began, benefiting more than 183 families directly, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno during the supervision of the start-up works.

“This is the twelfth project that we do in the area, we are going to change the current pipeline that is very small, this caused us a dam with garbage and rain, causing overflow of rainwater, flooding 40 families around the channel, we are also going to line 100 meters downstream of the channel ”.

Moreno explained that all the drainage projects carried out by the municipality are part of an integral strategy to attend the micro-basin that comes from El Crucero and that affects the neighborhoods on that route.

“We have to continue working to stabilize the area, we have already done work in the neighborhood Amanda Aguilar, Ángel Valentino, Germán Pomares, Francisco Salazar, the waters of these neighborhoods go to the Fanabasa channel, which we worked on in 2012, all of these drainage works benefit 10,000 families ”.

The construction of the bridge box and the lining of the first 100 meters will have an investment of 3.5 million cordobas.

Carmen Lazo, a resident of the neighborhood, has lived in the area for 35 years and explained that the Germán Pomares neighborhood has many benefits thanks to the organization of the people.

"We are grateful because with this project the water is no longer going to get into the 40 houses down there, in this neighborhood we have several projects that have been done to us in the last three years, we have 50 percent of the streets covered We have a park with its field and now the bridge box that will be a relief for everyone, ”said Lazo.

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