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Winners of the Poetry and Short Story Contest are awarded

In commemoration of Book Day and within the framework of the Bicentennial celebrations of the Leal Villa de Managua, the Capital Commune organized the poetry and short story contest, which ended with the awarding of the first 3 places in each literary genre.

The prizes and recognitions of this contest were delivered, by the comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua; the first place in both genders was awarded with 10 Thousand Córdobas in cash, second place with 6 Thousand and third place with 4 Thousand Córdobas.

In the genre of short stories, the first place went to the title “El Pregón de Pilar” written by the young María Belén Rayo Obando, in which she narrates part of the history of Managua through the character of Pilar, a lady who sells cajeta. He lived the traditions of the capital, as well as the beginning of the contamination of Lake Xolotlán with the diversion of sewage and the earthquake of 1931.

The first place in the poetry contest went to the journalist Bernardo José Hernández Rojas, who won the award with the poem "Managua and its 200 Anniversary Roses."

The contest's qualifying jury was made up of the writers Emilio Zambrana, Tito Leiva and Clemente Guido Martínez, who chose the best of the more than 50 literary works presented.

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