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Comuna of the capital acquires 20 new trucks for garbage collection

The Managua Mayor's Office acquired 20 garbage compactor trucks. With the new units, the municipality has a fleet of 100 trucks destined for home collection, the trucks have a collection capacity of 60 cubic meters designed with state-of-the-art technology, the purchase of the trucks was made with its own funds thanks to the contribution of taxpayers, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

“We have acquired 20 new trucks and with the 15 from last year, we have added 35 new units to the public cleaning fleet, with this, we have reached a fleet of 100 trucks which will cover the 140 cleaning routes in two shifts, the renovation this type of machinery is something that must be done every five years ”.

The trucks have a value of 100,000 dollars each and in the purchase of the 35 trucks, almost 4 million dollars have been invested in the last two years.

Moreno explained that the municipality removes 1,200 tons of garbage daily in the capital and one month after the arrival of winter, the cleaning of the channels and micro-dams is progressing satisfactorily.

“Every day we manage to remove 1,200 tons of garbage from the neighborhoods, we have a ton pending and we are working to see how a new method is designed that allows us to evacuate the 1,300 tons that are produced daily in the capital. Easter holidays and we are going to work to ensure that garbage does not proliferate on those days, at the same time we are working on cleaning the channels and the micro-dams that we are already finishing ”.

The public cleaning trucks travel through the 7 districts, daily there are 140 routes where the cleaning train passes and in those places that the truck cannot enter, the residents of the capital must take the waste to the deposits authorized by the Mayor's Office, as reported by Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua.

“There are places where trucks cannot enter, in those cases we have established deposits made of concrete so that the population gets to leave the garbage, construction waste and tree pruning garbage that cannot be carried in the truck, we must deposit them there so that we can remove it with the appropriate machinery ”.

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