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Capital authorities inaugurate storm drainage project in the Los Angeles neighborhood

The capital commune carried out a storm drainage project in the Los Angeles neighborhood to improve the quality of life of 30 families (250 people), who were affected every time it rained by temporary flooding of the Japan school half a block to the lake.

The project allowed for the expansion of a rain gutter, construction of a grill, platforms and curb.

With the new drainage work, the affected families nearby will no longer have to endure stagnant waters for hours.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, explained that in District IV the priority is drainage works.

“We are proud that this Sandinista government managed to give an answer to these families who for more than 20 years had waited for the solution to their problem, from now on the current that causes the rain will go directly to the drain and that is how we want it to be. in all neighborhoods, that is why we are working little by little focusing on drainage and we have as an example, the channel of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood that we have worked three years in a row to cover it, just as we are working in that neighborhood, we are here in the neighborhood Los Angeles that thank God has 100 percent of its streets covered ".

Doña Julia Valladares, a resident of the neighborhood, emphasized that the kids in the sector are the most benefited from this project.

“We are happy that the puddles are no longer going to be made every time it rains, all the kids who go to school pass through here and the passing of the cars was horrible because the water did not allow us to see the street that was a danger for the children and all those who pass through here, for that we thank our government ”.

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