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9 candidates for Miss Latin America Nicaragua tour the capital

With the aim of getting to know the sports and tourist facilities of the Managua Bicentennial, the 9 candidates for the Miss Latin America Nicaragua contest took a tour this morning.

The nine beauties from the country's departments met at the Paseo de las Estrellas where the tour began, to then continue the itinerary through Paseo Xolotlán, Dennis Martínez Stadium, Luis Alfonso Park and conclude the tourist route at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, where they will participate in the Pan American Boxing Championship.

Óscar Zelaya, President of the Miss Latin America Nicaragua franchise, announced that the 9 Nicaraguan beauties will participate this April 27 in the Miss Latin America Nicaragua contest and the one who obtains the title will be the representative of the land of lakes and volcanoes in the contest Miss Latin America International that will take place in the month of September, in Panama.

He stressed that beyond selecting the Nicaraguan beauty for the international contest, "it is important to promote the young talent of Nicaraguan women, promote sports and project our country and its departments."

The 9 candidates for the Miss Latin America Nicaragua title are: Katty Luna from the RACCS, Seidy Martínez and María Soledad Herrera representing Estelí, Zulema Bravo from Chontales, Luz González from the department of Boaco, Ladieska Solís from Masaya and Alondra Leytón from the city of Managua .

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, highlighted that this activity once again enhances the beauty of Nicaraguan young women, and emphasized the support of the Mayor's Office, as a capital city municipality and on behalf of the Government of Commander Daniel and companion Rosario, who are always sponsoring and supporting Nicaraguan women in all her facets.

“Today with great joy, with great pride, emotion, we are confirming the support of the Mayor's Office of Managua, to the most important beauty event of the year in Nicaragua, to the Miss Nicaragua, Miss Latin America event that we will be celebrating in style on the 27th of April in the majestic main auditorium and external gardens of the Japan-Nicaragua Friendship Park, ”said Armas.

The preliminary of this contest will be on April 26 and consists of seeing the candidates in their different outfits: casual, swimwear and at night, in addition they will be interviewed to better understand their qualities, knowledge and competitive spirit on the catwalk.

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