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Families of the Larreynaga neighborhood have streets and improved storm drainage

To improve the lives of 30 families living in an alley in the Larreynaga neighborhood, the Mayor's Office of Managua carried out a road improvement and storm drainage project that allowed the construction of 197 square meters of hydraulic concrete pavement and the construction of 48.97 meters squares of concrete platforms.

Upon delivering the project to the protagonist families, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas confirmed the willingness of the Local Government to provide responses to the most vulnerable demands of the neighborhoods.

“With this project, it will be avoided that the water that remained stagnant every time it rained, gets into the houses of these families that were temporarily affected every time winter arrived, we as the Municipal Government continue joining efforts to solve the main demands of the families, that is the orientation of our Commander and we will continue to fulfill that mandate ”.

The Delegate of District IV, Daysi Serrano, explained that this year the efforts of the Mayor's Office will be in the storm drainage and maintenance of the road network.

“Thank God we continue to serve the people, this neighborhood now has 100 percent of its streets paved and in our Annual Investment Plan this year, we are going to execute 7 projects in District IV, of these, 5 are road improvement and two of storm drainage ”.

This project that benefits this capital population had an investment cost of 375 thousand 588.65 córdobas.

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