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Mayor's Office pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and names new avenue after him

In commemoration of the 51st anniversary of the passing to immortality of the reverend and defender of the civil rights of the black race in the United States Martin Luther King Jr., the Mayor's Office together with authorities and students from the evangelical university of the same name, paid tribute to his Legacy of his struggle by baptizing an avenue with his name in the Los Robles residential area.

Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, highlighted the importance of believing in dreams and the peaceful struggle for social justice.

“Martin Luther King was a defender of social justice and his fight in a peaceful way, served as an example for thousands and thousands to wake up and become aware of the need to have social equity for all, King dreamed of the fact that his children they could walk or sit with white children tomorrow without being discriminated against, he also defended the right to vote and denounced the injustice of the Vietnam War, King's struggle inspired the struggle of future generations to this day ”.

The rector of the Martin Luther King University, Dr. Benjamin Cortez, stressed that the legacy of this great fighter and defender of social justice continues and serves as a model for modern societies.

“Martin, I fight peacefully so that all women and men of all cultures have equal conditions and opportunities in the field of education and work, he defended a model of inclusive society for all, today in the morning we communicate to his children about this tribute from the Government of Nicaragua to their father's legacy and they feel grateful because their father's work and struggle for justice for all is recognized to this day ”.

The new avenue has a length of 1.6 kilometers and is located on the east side of Pizza Valenti's in the Los Robles residential area.

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