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Ceremony to pay tribute to the memory of Saint John Paul II

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua paid a tribute to the memory of Saint John Paul II, on the occasion of commemorating the 14th anniversary of his passage to another plane of life.

In this commemoration ceremony, a wreath was imposed on the sanctuary of Saint John Paul II, followed by an act, where Monsignor Eddy Montenegro recalled the life and work of the pontiff, highlighting his messages to promote peace and love among all people who inhabit the earth.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado remembered Saint John Paul II as the pilgrim of peace, for visiting more than 113 countries in which he transmitted the word of God, promoting love and reconciliation in all nations.

Likewise, in this ceremony liturgical songs were offered in memory of Saint John Paul II, interpreted by the Rubén Darío children's choir from District 2 and Nagarote, in addition white balloons were released that raised and crossed the Nicaraguan sky.

This event was held in the San Juan Pablo II museum park, which is located between Paseo Los Estudiantes and Puerto Salvador Allende, from where the field mass was held on his second visit to Nicaragua.

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