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Dignified Housing Program benefits the Sergio Tercero community in Jocote Dulce

The Dignified Housing program carried out by the Mayor of Managua with the support of the Government of China Taiwan continues to benefit more families in all districts of Managua, the program that restores the right to safe housing was moved to the Sergio Tercero community located in the Jocote Dulce region of District I, where house number 76 was delivered.

Mayor Reyna Rueda reiterated the Government's will to continue working to transform the lives of families in vulnerable situations.

"Our sister María Cristina had 40 years of living in a dilapidated house, that is what motivates us to continue working, to continue joining forces to change and improve the lives of families that are in vulnerable situations," said Rueda.

For his part, the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, affirmed that he will continue to support programs like this one, which brings a safe and beautiful home to families who do not have the resources.

“Works are loves, Doña María Cristina spent 40 years living in these conditions and that changed, now she and her family will live with dignity, we are witnesses of the work that the Government of President Ortega does to combat these types of problems not only here in the city but also in the countryside with different programs, "said the diplomat.

María Cristina Calero, protagonists of the program that continues to change the lives of many families, expressed words of gratitude upon receiving their new home.

“Thanks to my lord and Commander Daniel Ortega, today my family has a house, which for us is a gift from heaven, every year we had to repair the old house and it was only for half a pass, but that ended thanks to God and the support from the Ambassador of Taiwan ”.

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