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Sandino Memorial neighborhood inaugurates eight new blocks of road network

The Municipal Government built eight new blocks of road network in the Memorial Sandino neighborhood, with the aim of improving mobility and accessibility conditions, benefiting 9912 inhabitants of the area and its surroundings.

The road improvement project is part of the 2019 Annual Investment Plan (PIA) and was executed in two stages because it had storm drainage components that were made before the lining.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that these projects are achieved thanks to the articulated work between the municipality and the Central Government.

“Today we are delivering 8 new blocks of hydraulic concrete to the residents of the Sandino Memorial, which benefits both those who live in the surroundings and the surrounding neighborhoods that pass through this road. We continue to build new streets with our Annual Investment Plan and with the Streets for the People Program, thanks to the support of the Central Government led by our Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario ”.

The project has an investment of 4 million 802 thousand 961 córdobas and among its scopes it built 8 blocks of streets, two bridge boxes, pedestrian platforms and gutters, improving rainwater drainage with the installation of pipes for the management of rainwater at the time of rain.

Rosa Cortez, founding inhabitant of the neighborhood, explained that the lives of the families will change completely, because the wastelands and mud flats have disappeared.

“We feel happy because our lives are going to change and the kids are not going to suffer when the rain comes, the cars are not going to get stuck in the holes that were made by the rain, we had to wait 20 years to see this dream come true. "Said Cortez.

From 2016 to date, the Mayor's Office has been continuously relaunching road improvement works and drainage works, with an investment of 6 million 896 thousand 849.68 córdobas, an investment that has been executed with the Program Streets for the People and the PIA . With the inauguration of this Project, the investment reaches 11 million 699 thousand 810.68 córdobas achieving the improvement of 13.5 blocks, construction of drainage works (includes construction of bridge box - year 2017) and construction of platforms.

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