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Ciudad Sandino invites you to know its tourist destinations

From the Sol Campestre recreational center, the tourist offer offered by the municipality of Ciudad Sandino was presented, as part of the “Nicaragua Siempre Linda” campaign.

In this tourist launch, comrade Raymundo Flores Mayor of Ciudad Sandino invited Nicaraguan families to visit this municipality that offers a variety of cuisine in a safe place.

Similarly, comrade Scarleth Solís, Vice Mayor of Ciudad Sandino invited the different recreational activities that will take place in this municipality, starting on March 30 with a music festival, on Sunday 31 with a dance festival and on April 14 the election of Miss Summer in the Plaza Padre Miguel; Likewise, on April 18, 19 and 20 sports activities will take place.

Mr. Danilo Gutiérrez, owner of Sol Campestre explained that this place is located 19 kilometers from the capital, entering at kilometer 9 of the New to León Highway or 13 of the Old to León Highway where you can enjoy rural tourism and a spectacular view from the Cuajachillo II region of Ciudad Sandino.

Likewise, comrade Enrique Armas, Coordinator of the Departmental Cabinet of Tourism, highlighted the rural tourism that this municipality offers, as well as the gastronomic variety that families visiting this municipality can enjoy.

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