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Calles para el Pueblo 2019 will have a scope of 1998 blocks throughout the capital

The 2019 Streets for the People Program, which will maintain the existing road network and cover new streets throughout Managua, began in the Comandante Aureliano neighborhood of District VII and will benefit 25 neighborhoods, as confirmed by Secretary General Fidel Moreno.

“We are going to cover 12 blocks here in the Comandante Aureliano neighborhood with a new modality, we are going to give it double treatment (mix of sand, gravel and asphalt to protect the base and sub-base) this neighborhood for 20 years, its inhabitants had expected a project like this ”.

Moreno explained that the Calles para el Pueblo program this year will execute 255 road improvement projects in all its modalities and will have a scope of 1998 blocks.

The techniques to cover will be; hydraulic concrete, surfacing and double treatment (special base and sub base coating).

The new modality will be implemented with the aim of expanding coverage to more neighborhoods, even if they are not located on main roads.

“We are going to continue to maintain the modalities of covering the busiest routes with hydraulic concrete, with asphalt, but in the neighborhoods that already have all their basic services installed we are going to give a special double treatment to the streets, which will allow them to give them a useful life 10 years and we can reach more neighborhoods ”.

The double treatment modality will serve 400 blocks and will have an investment of 35 million cordobas, the surfacing with asphalt 1942 blocks and 46 blocks will be lined with hydraulic concrete.

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