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Leal Villa de Managua celebrates its Bicentennial

This March 24, the municipal authorities together with international guests, the diplomatic corps, special guests and families from the capital celebrated the 200 years of having received the royal title of Leal Villa de Managua by King Fernando VII, with a special session held in the Hall of the Crystals of the Rubén Darío National Theater and a Cultural Gala in the main hall of the theater.

During the session, the order "Year of the Bicentennial of the Loyal Villa de Managua" was delivered to prominent Nicaraguan historians, athletes, visual artists, historians, composers and personalities who have contributed to urban development and have strengthened the cultural identity of the capital.

Among those awarded the new order are the three-time world champion Alexis Argüello (RIP), posthumous delivery the order was received by his wife and son, the singer-songwriter Otto Benjamín de la Rocha, the teachers of Nicaraguan folk dance for more than four decades, Blanca Guarded, Irene López, Haydée Palacios; the painter Róger Pérez de la Rocha, the historian Aldo Díaz Lacayo, the journalists Manuel Espinoza and Absalón Pastora, Luis Morales painter and plastic artist, José Alarcón President of the Santo Domingo Shippers Committee; Omán Delgado and Ofilio Picón Nicaraguan musicians.

Once the municipal order was delivered to the decorated, the special guests, the international friends who came to the country to participate in the Bicentennial Festivities were delighted with a cultural gala that made a tour of the most traditional of the capital, the public could also enjoy the interpretation of the Marina Cárdenas Municipal Choir and to close with a flourish, the song “Soy Managua”, written to celebrate the Bicentennial, brought together all the artists and the public present.

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