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President Daniel Ortega inaugurates the Nejapa Overpass

The new Nejapa Overpass was inaugurated by President Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo and the municipal authorities.

The President in his speech, highlighted the effort of the workers who "with their skills, with their sweat, engineers, architects, foremen, all together gave rise to this work."

"This work comes from the capacities, intelligence, training, of Nicaraguan professionals who are at the forefront of medium and large companies that have worked in the construction of many works in particular of this overpass."

The president stressed that they worked uninterruptedly for 30 months on the construction of the bridge, also recognizing their spirit and willingness to complete the charitable work of Nicaraguan families.

“They failed to kill, they failed to destroy the spirit of work, the industrious spirit of Nicaraguan workers and Nicaraguan families., and here is the result. Starting this year 2019 already on the eve of Holy Week we are inaugurating this work thanks to God, and thanks to the people who love peace above all things ”.

The President stressed that the new overpass is named after the Nejapa lagoon because it is a lagoon that is always struggling to survive and is located 500 meters from the Las Piedrecitas overpass, which was inaugurated last November.

When delivering the mega-road project, Secretary General Fidel Moreno highlighted that both bridges are pioneering works due to the technology incorporated in their construction.

“The Las Piedrecitas Overpass is the first three-story structure of this nature to be built in the country and the Nejapa Overpass is the first overpass with a fork included in the upper part of the bridge, it has also been included earthquake resistant technology in order to ensure that we have functional and safe works, indispensable for today's world ”.

The Secretary General explained that 30 national and foreign companies participated in the construction of the road work and thanked the Nicaraguan Association of Engineers and Architects that was present at the inauguration and that in some way, in the construction process, they made significant contributions to the success of the project.

Moreno announced that the construction of the new Nejapa bridge is the beginning of the modernization and expansion of the Juan Pablo II Track, which has a length of 10 kilometers and will begin at the end of 2019.

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