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Construction of the new eastern market gallery has an advance of 95%

In the next few days, the 2-story gallery that will house 232 sections of the Oriental market will be ready, which were burned months ago and the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua is building as part of the restitution of rights.

In the supervision carried out by comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Managua, he explained that this building is equipped with the basic services of drinking water, electricity and sanitation services; He also indicated that this building has a fire system with 3 cisterns of 26 thousand gallons each, 4 hydrants, 12 cabinets and 86 water sprinklers on the upper floor.

This gallery, which has an infrastructure of 4,700 square meters, had an investment of 130 million Córdobas and is expected to be delivered to merchants on April 5.

Likewise, comrade Fidel Moreno said that another similar construction is expected in the near future, to provide this capital market with the necessary infrastructure, to guarantee security and tranquility to merchants and buyers.

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