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The lining of the Walter Ferreti channel concludes

The Municipal Government completed the lining with hydraulic concrete of the Walter Ferreti channel located in District V, this project was executed for four consecutive years since 2014.

In the fourth stage carried out this year, the last 268 meters of gutters were lined, eliminating a critical point, as confirmed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

"We have done the lining of the riverbed for four consecutive years since 2014, in this last stage 268 meters were covered and we are eliminating a critical point that always represented an imminent risk of collapse and undermining for the families of the sector, it is 900 meters of channel covered in total and in the first stage we made a bridge box ”.

In the areas surrounding the Walter Ferreti neighborhood, 10 projects have been carried out to provide comprehensive management of the micro-basin that flows into the Las Cuaresmas channel, which benefits at least 10 thousand families.

Moreno explained that all the projects are connected and allow the handling of the largest volumes of water in times of rain in the Germán Pomares, Proyecto Piloto, Macaralí and Walter Ferreti neighborhoods.

“In addition to lining this channel, we have carried out 10 drainage projects in the area that impact the lives of 10,000 families, among them is the lining of the channel of the Proyecto Piloto neighborhood (500 meters), the Fanabasa channel (600 meters) and the installation of 900 meters of pipeline that will prevent flooding in the Macaralí neighborhood, remember that drainage projects must be managed comprehensively to provide comprehensive solutions, in this sector we have invested 100 million córdobas in storm drainage works in recent years " .

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