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Five families affected by fire receive a new house in the La Primavera neighborhood

The faith and hope in God to rise again is what the protagonists Beatriz Benavides, Ana Carolina Espinoza, Alejandro Martínez, Wilfredo Estrella Urbina and Santo Medrano Canda did not lose, who on February 11 were affected by a voracious fire in the neighborhood The Spring of District 6, this Wednesday with great joy and encouragement they received their new dignified and safe homes from the municipal authorities and the government of China (Taiwan).

Doña Beatriz Benavides, 49, one of the people most affected by the accident, commented that everything she had inside her house was burned by the flames, but she thanks God that there were no human losses, she said she felt satisfied by the support and solidarity provided by the authorities.

"We are very grateful, my children and I, for all the help that the Mayor's Office, the government and the brothers of China (Taiwan) have given us, since we were left with nothing they supported us with mats, food packages and today our little house," he added .

The award ceremony was held in the company of the residents, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Honorable Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Jaime Chin-Mu Wu and his wife Cindy Wu, who very happily enjoyed the poetry, the dancing and antics of Malli the bicentennial mascot.

The Mayor of Managua, expressed the solidarity of the Good Government and thanked the Taiwanese ambassador because together they have fulfilled the dream of the five families, who amidst the sadness today fulfill their dream of having a decent and safe roof.

“Here is a dream come true of the five families who suffered that devastating fire, where they lost everything, but here the love of neighbor is demonstrated, between two brother peoples, thank you for the trust of these families in our government and we will continue to advance because we are a people of faith, we have love in our hearts ”, indicated Rueda.

In addition, he pointed out that in the La Primavera neighborhood, two schools have been rebuilt, 1,400 blocks of hydraulic concrete streets, the fourth stage of lining the La Primavera riverbed, the reconstruction of the communal house and the medical post is being carried out.

For his part, Ambassador Chin-Mu Wu congratulated the Genesis girl who delighted them with a beautiful poetry, highlighting that Nicaragua is a country of poets.

“Nicaragua es la única y original por su poesía, bailes y cultura, queremos expresar nuestra solidaridad con las cinco familias que perdieron sus casas, y también quiero felicitarles a todos de tener un gobierno del Comandante Daniel y la Vicepresidenta Rosario que siempre están preocupados por las familias que viven en condiciones vulnerables y a la municipalidad por todos sus proyectos”, agregó.[vc_images_carousel images=”17917,17918,17919,17920,17921,17922,17923″ img_size=”large”][vc_video link=”https://www.facebook.com/managua.gob.ni/videos/269084254015376/”]

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