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Meeting with Evangelist Daniel Burritt

Building authorities received a visit from a group of American evangelists headed by Reverend Daniel Burritt of the International Ministry, founded by Pastor Jymmy Swaggart, who greeted the members of the Managua Council and awarded them study Bibles.

At this meeting, Reverend Daniel Burritt prayed for the building authorities and for Nicaragua and transmitted words of faith to the members of the Managua Council; He also expressed that they have traveled many places in Nicaragua carrying the message of Jesus Christ.

This meeting was held on Saturday March 9, in the Miguel Larreynaga auditorium of the Municipality, where the Mayor, Reyna Rueda, welcomed and greeted on behalf of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua and thanked him for the visit, as well as for the delivery of the Bibles that is the best food of life and helps to be better every day.

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