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Capital commune presents the Summer Plan 2019

To the rhythm of “Soy Managua”, the official song of the Bicentennial of the Capital, this Thursday, March 7, next to the artificial lake in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Park, the Mayor's Office of Managua launched the Summer Plan 2019 that includes a series of activities recreational, cultural and sports activities in different spaces for the delight and enjoyment of families from the capital.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, together with Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and merchant brothers who will be offering clothes, fruits and food of the season, to the sound of Xolo Batucada presented the Managua program of activities designed to promote family coexistence and recreation.

"We will be in each of the recreation and leisure spaces for the enjoyment and enjoyment of families, to the rhythm of the Caribbean drums, samba groups such as Xolo Batucada and Samba boom will also perform, with contests and dynamics," said the mayoress.

Rueda confirmed that the Aquatic Festival will be held with a jump jump, a Pipo clown show and they will also carry out recreational activities in the parks.

"More than 100 parks will be open and each of the institutions that sponsor them will be doing activities."

Enrique Armas, Vice Mayor of Managua, announced the different sports activities, among them, the Kayak Competition among women, on March 14 in the Tiscapa lagoon; the National Championship of Caponeras, on March 17 at the Paseo Xolotlán track; National Long Pool Swimming Championships March 21-24 at the Michele Richardson Pool Complex, and the School Swimming Championships on April 7.

On the same dates, Armas explained that on April 13 and 14 the Central American Cycling Time Trial Championship will take place on the Sabana Grande Track.

"Now that we have the best roads in Central America, now that we have the best streets in Central America, now that we have the best tracks in Central America, we are also going to take advantage of them to play sports," said Armas.

At the same time, on April 14, the Beach Volleyball Tour for Men and Women will take place at Paseo Xolotlán.

He also announced the Pre-Pan American Olympic Boxing, which will be held in the first week of April at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, with the participation of more than 100 boxers from Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia , United States and Cuba.

During the launch of the Summer Plan, the musical theme Soy Managua was presented, which is the official song of the Managua Bicentennial festivities, which is performed by the group Culonas Bands.

During the summer season, the Tiscapa lagoon will open its doors from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, so visitors can enjoy the trails and kiosks as well as the attractions that are in the Loma of Tiscapa.

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