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Mayor's Office begins third stage of lining in the Domitila Lugo riverbed

The third stage of lining the Domitila Lugo channel began, 110 meters will be covered with hydraulic concrete, this work will prevent the drainage system from collapsing in times of rain and at least 30 families directly in the surroundings will benefit, thus it was confirmed by Secretary General Fidel Moreno.

“At this stage we are going to cover 110 meters, we are going to reach the pedestrian bridge in the neighborhood. With these works we are going to stabilize the slopes definitively, which will allow to give total security to a little more than 30 families who live in the surroundings, due to the dimensions of the channel we have been working on it for several years and we will conclude all the work in the 2020 with the covering of 150 more meters until arriving at the main track ”.

Moreno highlighted that in this neighborhood several storm drainage projects have been carried out in the last 5 years, benefiting 5 thousand people and before winter arrives, work is being done simultaneously in other districts of the capital.

“Drainage projects must be seen as a system, for years in the Santa Rosa neighborhood the storm drainage system has collapsed and we cannot do work in that neighborhood because it would affect the families here in Domitila Lugo, that would increase the amount of water and with these works that we are doing, we are increasing the capacity of the channel, to handle greater volumes of water, once we finish here we will be able to join the Santa Rosa neighborhood system to this channel and we will be giving a comprehensive solution to the problems caused by the rains".

The Domitila riverbed has been served since 2016 when 140 meters were covered; In 2017, 105 meters were covered and in 2019, 110 meters will be served.

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