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Merchants affected by fire in the eastern market receive ceiling plan

The merchants in zone three of the Eastern market that were affected by the fire that occurred in the early morning of Monday, March 3, received 129 roof plans.

Cleaning tasks are carried out in intense days, to minimize the return of merchants to their work points in the shortest possible time.

Municipal authorities, Commema in conjunction with the General Coordinator of Sinapred, reiterated the commitment of the Central Government and the Municipality to provide a rapid response to those affected by the incident.

Mayor Reyna Rueda reiterated that the priority is to guarantee the life and safety of the merchants who work in the market.

"God has a project with Nicaragua, and our government, headed by Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo, have been watching over their situation since the fire started and their greatest concern is that there would be no human losses, here we are together to begin again and we are going to work together to build a safe workplace for all ”.

The General Director of Sinapred, Dr. Guillermo González, explained that more than 500 people worked to mitigate the fire, where the most important thing was to preserve life.

"We thank God that we are together restarting the path of finding solutions for all of you, the orientation of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario since the fire started, was to guarantee life and with God's grace we succeeded, but we have We have to continue working to return to a safe workplace and that can only be achieved by assuming responsibility among all of us, we have to assess the need to guarantee access routes that allow us to reach disaster areas quickly ”.

The protagonist Digna Rivas, has been selling tortillas in the east for 40 years, with that work she raised 8 children, she is one of the 129 people benefited from the roof plan that will allow her to rebuild her section.

"I thank God for giving the President a good heart that cares for those most in need, and even though we lost him, we all have the joy of being alive, I am grateful to President Daniel and Compañera Rosario, for helping us to all of us who depend on a section and I ask God to bless and protect them, to continue governing for the benefit of all ”.

Those affected by the fire will return to their sections, which will retain the same measures and will not pay taxes for six months, while they manage to restart their economic activity.

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