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Ticuantepe a Tourist Municipality of the Department of Managua

In a tropical environment, the tourist launch of Ticuantepe was held, a municipality 14 kilometers from Managua that offers a variety of restaurants, 5 recreational centers, 2 viewpoints and 2 nature reserves.

In this tourism promotion, colleague Ligia Ramírez, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Ticuantepe invited Nicaraguan families to visit this municipality that offers a warm climate and many places in direct connection with nature.

Likewise, the different family recreation activities that will take place in the municipality were announced, among which stands out “Songs to Women” in celebration of International Women's Day; as well as the launch of the summer plan on March 23 and a cultural afternoon on March 24.

The tourist launch was held at the Nueva Borgoña restaurant, with the assistance of the Departmental Cabinet of Tourism headed by colleague Enrique Armas, coordinator, who also invited sports activities to take place in the municipality of Managua, including the National Championship. Motocross on Sunday 3 at Paseo Xolotlán, the Carlos Ulloa in Memoria Basketball Tournament, as well as baseball and volleyball games.

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