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Bicentennial of Managua is honored by the National Lottery

The Capital of the Sun "Managua Bicentenaria" will be honored by the National Lottery of Nicaragua, for five consecutive weeks through its raffles starting on March 12, Nicaraguans will be able to collect tickets that highlight different projects and images that describe the transformation of the capital.

The event was chaired by the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, the Director of Historical Heritage, Clemente Guido and the General Manager of the National Lottery, Ernesto Vallecillo.

The bicentennial celebrates 200 years of history, the appointment of that village to Villa de Santiago, that meant great challenges that Managua has been conquering and overcoming in the pages of time.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas thanked the National Lottery for its efforts to be part of these festivities.

“Following the instructions of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, we are working inch by inch to recover the history of Managua and it fills us with satisfaction that the National Lottery joins us and the Bicentennial Committee to illustrate through the banknotes of the next five draw the development and transformation of the capital, it is a very beautiful tribute to 200 years of history and the National Lottery is part of those 200 years ”.

The Director of Historical Heritage, Clemente Guido, explained that Managua enters the history of urban planning with the appointment of a town and from town to capital, this implied great challenges for the mestizo Managua that today make our city worthy of defining it as Managua La Sun City.

“We are celebrating that in 1819 200 years ago, we received the title of town, that title in a short time later led us to the title of city and from city to capital of the Republic, in a very short historical time and we were not prepared for that appointment It was like winning the lottery, because Managua has overcome all the challenges that time has put us on the road ”.

Ernesto Vallecillo, General Manager of the National Lottery, expressed the joy of being part of these festivities and the 200-year history of the capital.

“The National Lottery appears for the first time in 1882, the lottery has been in existence for 137 years, history reminds us that we are part of these 200 years together with the Nicaraguan people, the working people from generation to generation, we are all witnesses that in Managua we are starting a new era, we are together building a modernization process, we can all feel proud that together we are building a safe and welcoming modern Managua, thanks to our Government and the Mayor's Office and with these bills it will be recorded in history. "

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