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They build decent housing in the El Recreo Norte neighborhood

Giving honor and glory to the General of Free Men and Women Augusto C. Sandino, the inhabitants of the El Recreo Norte neighborhood, gathered in front of the new house of Mr. Carlos Fletes Medrano and his Mrs. Gloria Téllez, to celebrate the construction of this dignified home , as part of the brotherhood of the peoples and governments of China (Taiwan) and Nicaragua.

The dignified home was delivered to the beneficiary family by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua and His Excellency Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, Ambassador of China (Taiwan), who handed over the keys to the house to Mrs. Gloria and Mr. Carlos Fletes Medrano.

With the delivery of this dignified home, the Good Government through the Mayor's Office of Managua and with the support of China (Taiwan), has built 61 homes throughout the municipality of Managua from October 2018 to date.

Don Carlos Fletes Medrano along with his wife Gloria del Socorro Téllez, thanked the Good Government for the efforts made to build their new home, also, they were very grateful with the solidarity of the brother people of China (Taiwan).

The activity took place in an atmosphere of joy and festivity, among the families of the sector, who gathered to share in community the artistic presentations of the Benjamín Zeledón school troupe, folk dances with girls from the community; as well as, piñatas and children's dynamics with clowns and face painting.

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