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33 families from the Julio Buitrago neighborhood have benefited from the decent housing program

This February 14th Day of Love and Friendship, the family of Yamileth del Socorro González Martínez, resident of the Julio Buitrago neighborhood, becomes the protagonist of the Dignified Housing Program promoted by the Central Government, in coordination with the Municipality and the support of the Government of China (Taiwan).

In this neighborhood, the decent housing program began in 2013, and with the delivery of the new home, 33 families have benefited only in this neighborhood.

Enrique Armas, Vice Mayor of Managua, stressed that the housing program will continue to reach vulnerable families, because it is one of the priorities of the Government led by President Ortega.

“This February 14 will be an unforgettable day for Mrs. Yamileth's family, who for three decades lived in very sensitive conditions, today they are the protagonists of love and ties of solidarity. The life of this entire family will change thanks to the will of this Government led by our Commander and Compañera Rosario, which is made possible by the unconditional support of our brothers in Taiwan ”.

During the delivery ceremony, the Ambassador of China (Taiwan) Jaime Chin-Mu Wu reiterated the support and confidence of the people and Government of his country, in the projects carried out by the Nicaraguan Government.

“Once again we are showing the ties of friendship between our peoples, the work carried out by the Government of President Ortega to combat poverty is admirable and what better way to combat poverty than to build houses for those families living in vulnerable situations, for that is why we are going to continue supporting all the projects that benefit the people ”.

Yamileth González Martínez, along with her family of 8 people, have lived in the neighborhood for 30 years and have been waiting for months for the blessing to come to their home.

“I am infinitely grateful to God for this blessing that he gave me to my family, today the dream of all of us came true, and I thank President Daniel who has that heart, who never forgets those who need help the most and I thank him to the Taiwanese, who are always looking to help us ".

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