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Decent housing program reaches Reparto España

The decent housing program promoted by the Central Government in coordination with the municipality and the support of China (Taiwan), benefited the family of the protagonist Julio César Pérez.

The delivery of homes is carried out to families in vulnerable situations, in this neighborhood it began in 2014, benefiting 7 families to date.

Mayor Reyna Rueda together with the Ambassador of China (Taiwan) gave the family of Julio César Pérez Castro a decent, safe and inspiring home for new dreams and new goals.

“Brothers and sisters of Reparto España fills us with pride that since 2014 to date, we have dignified the lives of six families in this neighborhood by building homes for them and now the family of our protagonist of love and a thousand battle Julio César, his wife , thanks to the housing program carried out by the Government of Commander Ortega, with the help of the people and the Government of China (Taiwan), thanks to these ties of friendship in 2019, we will build a more home dignifying the lives of 7 families, "he said. Mayor Rueda.

The Ambassador of China-Taiwan Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, reiterated his confidence in the work carried out by the Government of President Ortega, coordinating with the municipality a teamwork that continues to change the lives of families in vulnerable situations.

“Between the people of China (Taiwan) and the people of Nicaragua there are more things that unite us, we are united by love and dedication to overcome the problems, the effects of natural disasters, and the teamwork of the Mayor's Office is admirable. to provide families with a more sensitive response to their demands, such as a safe home ”.

Don Julio César Castro has lived in the neighborhood for more than 27 years and his income is the only one that reaches his home, from now on he will have safer and quieter nights with his children.

“I feel happy like never before, because my family will be able to rest safely and live in peace, without that anguish that the house could fall with an earthquake or a downpour, I am grateful to this Sandinista government that always gives them an answer. to people's problems ”.

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