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Families from the capital enjoy bullfights and bullfights

Hundreds of families from District 6 of Managua enjoyed the bullfight and bull riding that took place on the main street of the La Primavera neighborhood, where a popular festival was also held at the end of the bullfighting event.

This event was coordinated by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua together with the Committee of Culonas Cows of the San José Oriental neighborhood, with the aim of bringing recreation and fun to the neighborhoods of the capital.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, said that this activity is part of the Managua Bicentennial festivities, which the Municipality promotes, following the directions of Commander Daniel to guarantee recreation to Nicaraguan families.

Likewise, comrade Manuel Orozco from the Culonas Cow committee said that 20 bulls were arranged for riding and running, which raised the adrenaline of the youth and adults who were inside the bullfighting area, as well as the spectators who watched from the bleachers or behind the security mesh.

The bullfight and bull riding concluded with a popular festival where the residents of the capital enjoyed the music and rhythm of national groups that enlivened this event, which took place on the afternoon of this Sunday, February 10, in an atmosphere of family and community.

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