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Mayor's Office conducts Tertulia Nica Festival in Plaza 22 de Agosto

This weekend the Mayor's Office of Managua began a cultural day for family recreation, in tribute to the Bicentennial of the capital, in Plaza 22 de Agosto.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons were fun for the boys and girls who came with their parents to the La Tertulia Nica Laughter Festival, where they witnessed the clown show and enjoyed children's games, music, songs and plays.

Elmer Castillo, culture promoter of the Mayor's Office, explained that the objective of the festival is to celebrate the times of peace that the capital's families live.

“With this afternoon full of culture and training, we are honoring the 200-year history of our capital and what better way to celebrate it, celebrating the victories of this revolutionary government led by Commander Daniel, this humanist government, which creates new spaces every day. recreation for the whole family ”.

Margarita Flores, who lives in the Santa Ana neighborhood, visits Plaza 22 de Agosto and Luis Alfonso Park every 15 days, because the kids were on vacation and with three children this is the most accessible and favorable option she has.

"This festival is a very nice idea, the kids are having fun with the animation of the clowns and the actors sing, dance, who would not like to forget the routine, the problems we may have at home, this festival is like therapy for everyone and what better therapy than to laugh and enjoy good times together as a family ”.

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