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54 families have been protagonists of the decent housing program

This weekend the decent housing program carried out by the Central Government in coordination with the Municipality and the support of China (Taiwan), delivered the 54th house of this emergency program, which arose as a result of the damage caused by the rains. last october.

Mayor Reyna Rueda and the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, together with the family of the protagonist Carmen de la Concepción Sánchez Montiel, inaugurated the house in the fourth stage of the Hialeah neighborhood.

“Brothers, we are proud and satisfied to see the results of the teamwork that has been vindicating families that are in vulnerable situations and that is only possible thanks to the political will of the Government of Commander Daniel and our Vice President Compañera Rosario and those ties of friendship and trust of the people and Government of China (Taiwan), those bonds of solidarity that allow us to help and resolve in the most difficult moments ”.

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan) highlighted the efforts of the work carried out by the Central Government and the Municipality for the benefit of the population.

“Works are loves and this work carried out by the Government of President Ortega is a work of love, this love that is also seen in each of the projects that are carried out for the benefit of the Nicaraguan people, the teamwork carried out by the Mayor's Office in each neighborhood, in each home that benefits so many families ”.

Doña Carmen de la Concepción has lived in Hialeah for 28 years, she supports her family by washing and ironing at home, with her three adults and three children live, she assures that her new home is a dream come true.

"Whoever says that miracles do not exist, they do not know what they say, I feel grateful to God and to the Commander because they gave me the opportunity to have a new house, the other was very fragile, defeated by the years and I ask God bless all those who made this dream possible, such as the brothers from China (Taiwan) and the Mayor's Office ”.

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