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Departmental Tourism Council highlights attractions of Tipitapa

In promoting tourism and supporting entrepreneurship; The Good Government, through the Mayor's Offices of the Citizen Power of the department of Managua and the institutions involved, carried out the tourist relaunch of the municipality of Tipitapa.

This activity was developed in the cultural house of Tipitapa, where colleague César Vásquez Valle, Mayor of this municipality, invited to visit the different tourist, natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions that they have, for the enjoyment and recreation of Nicaraguan families and foreign citizens.

Among the destinations to visit, the Hacienda San Jacinto, the La Perla Recreation Center, Manantial de Vida, the Trapiche; you can also go hiking through the Salto Los Jarquines; as well as the gastronomic offer that is offered like the Tipitapa fish.

Comrade Marbely Aráuz, Vice Mayor of Tipitapa, stressed that this month the municipality will have various recreational activities such as the exhibition of modified cars, the quarter-mile race on the El Timal highway and a boxing evening, to be held this weekend ; in addition to the rowing competition to be held in La Bocana on February 24.

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