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Bicentennial Symposium of the Leal Villa de Managua

In greeting to the 167th anniversary of Managua having been elevated to the Capital of the Republic, and within the framework of the celebrations of the bicentennial that was declared Loyal Villa, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power held a symposium with the slogan "Managua on the Timeline" .

This event was chaired by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, who highlighted that this symposium that takes place on the 167th anniversary of Managua Capital, will have 4 thematic axes to see the history of the city, our current context and prospects to 2040.

He also explained that in this symposium the topics to be developed will be, Pre-Columbian Managua to the Declaration of the Leal Villa de Managua, the second thematic axis that will be discussed will be the period from the Leal Villa de Managua until Managua 1972, the third day of the symposium It will address the period of the 1972 Managua Earthquake up to the Present time and the last subject to be exposed will be Managua from the Present to the Managua of the Future.

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