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Mayor's Office builds the second development of the Bismarck Martínez program

The “Bismarck Martínez, lots for a decent home” housing program, in its second stage, already has the land ready for the new development of 45,415 square yards that will benefit 156 families.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, together with a team of engineers, took a tour of the second stage, located in District VI, adjacent to the Larreynaga Track.

Moreno explained that the basic services of drinking water, electricity, storm drainage and sanitary water are already installed.

“We are working on the development of terraces for the construction of houses or delivery of lots. At this stage we have 150 lots, which are available to deliver in the next 30 days to the first protagonists of 2019, this is an area of much development in Managua, it allows to have a comprehensive solution taking into account the proximity of schools, markets , thanks to its location in front of the Pista Larreynaga ”.

Moreno confirmed that the Bismarck Martínez Program, from its inception until today, received 11 thousand applications, of which 2000 are already registered in the system.

The second stage of the program is called Urbanización Villa Dignidad Norte, it has a drinking water system and rainwater drainage, guaranteeing the safety of the main families, who will receive their lots in the next few days.

At the same time, as the Bismarck Martínez program works, work begins on the Monte Nebo residential complex, a housing project that is the product of a public-private alliance.

“In the Bismarck Martínez project of 11 thousand applications, 2000 have already been approved and these families are already giving their contribution of $ 20 a month. In the case of Monte Nebo, we received another 2000 requests approximately and to respond we are executing three urbanization projects and we have another three in planning, we are working this semester to deliver the first homes in the second semester of this year ”.

Moreno explained that both projects are to benefit families who do not have their own home and who have incomes below 15 thousand cordobas for the "Bismarck Martínez" project, and below 25 thousand cordobas for the Monte Nebo residential complex.

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