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Another restored house in the Pedro Aráuz Palacio neighborhood

It has been a difficult year for Martha Lorena Trejos Martínez, after receiving the diagnosis of her husband's illness that has him bedridden. But today the Mayor of Managua and the Embassy of China (Taiwan), returned the smile and hope to Doña Martha and her family, when they gave her their new home in the Pedro Aráuz Palacio neighborhood.

“For us it is a wonderful joy, one more day, one more home that is handed over is one more miracle and in this case, we warmly thank you for the trust and hope that Doña Martha Lorena and her family have had, and we ask from our hearts May her husband recover, who is convalescing and all his family strength, from the hand of God everything will turn out well, "said Mayor Reyna Rueda when she handed over this house, where the 15 members of this family will live with dignity.

The protagonist expressed her happiness at seeing the new home that will allow her to live in better conditions.

Rueda announced that with the delivery of this house, 9 families benefited in this town.

In addition, he commented that since 2015, the Mayor's Office has been improving the neighborhood's infrastructure and it is now fully urbanized.

His Excellency Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chin Mu Wu, expressed his satisfaction to accompany Mayor Rueda in the delivery of this house.

He also commented that this house that benefits another family, "is a moment to show all of you, the solidarity of the people and government of Taiwan towards the people and government of Nicaragua."

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