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Comuna will invest 48 million córdobas in the Storm Drainage Cleaning Plan

The municipal government will invest 48 million córdobas to maintain and clean the storm drainage system made up of 24 micro-dams, 65 kilometers of lined riverbeds and 15 kilometers of unlined riverbeds.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, explained that the contingent plan that prepares the micro-dams for the arrival of winter, began two weeks ago and has a good rhythm in the extraction of sediments, during a tour of the micro-dam located in the San Isidro region. of Bola.

"With the cleaning plan that we develop every year to receive the winter, we are going to attend 80 kilometers of gutters, we are going to extract 95 thousand 849 cubic meters of sediment in 24 micro dams and a little more than 6 thousand tons of garbage and waste in the 65 kilometers of lined riverbeds that we have ”.

The Mayor explained that the special cleaning plan for the drainage system began in January and will end in April, and the rest of the year a fixed cleaning plan will be carried out.

“Before winter, we remove all the sedimentation that the rains carry to the micro-dams, to guarantee their reservoir capacity, but we clean the lined and unlined riverbeds all year before, during and after winter, but success is achieved. Our brothers and sisters assure them that they are aware of not throwing garbage down the riverbeds or the drainage system as gutters and gutters, because that hurts us all, this is a shared responsibility ”, said the Mayor.

The micro-dams maintenance plan is 9 percent complete and in the San Isidro de Bola micro-dam, a little more than 12 thousand cubic meters of sedimentation will be extracted, the crews working on the special cleaning plan use 20 trucks dump trucks, two backhoe loaders and 30 operators.

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