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The Mayor's Office will invest nearly 300 million Córdobas in Storm Drainage Projects

In 2019, the municipality will invest nearly 300 million córdobas in new storm drainage projects in the capital, benefiting thousands of residents of the capital with the lining of channels in districts IV, V and VI. The announcement of the new projects was made by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, in the Macarali neighborhood, on a tour of the project that will install more than 600 linear meters of pipe.

“Here in the Macarali neighborhood there is a 42-inch pipe, we are going to replace it with a 72-inch pipe, with this we will protect 300 families, this area is recurrent in floods when winter arrives, with the expansion of the system we are going to protect the lives of 15 thousand people who live in the surroundings ”.

The new drainage project is part of an effort that the municipal government began in 2012, with the pilot project of the Fanabasa channel, which has been lined in three stages, this would be the fourth stage of the process of building a new storm drainage system. that allows handling larger volumes of water.

Moreno explained that the winter 2019 plan has three essential components, which must be developed systematically each year.

“The winter plan has three important elements that we must guarantee every year: 1- cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system, made up of lined and unlined channels, 24 micro-dams, 2- construction of new rainwater drainage infrastructure, 3- a campaign permanent environmental education and community organization to face the floods, thank God we only have 57 critical points, of those only one is critical point A because last year we eliminated two, if we unite all the projects and drainage works, we will be investing in the end of the year almost 300 million córdobas in pluvial drainage, this should be systematic every year to go transforming the city ”.

During 2019, 56 storm drainage projects will be carried out with an investment of 188 million, and 48 million will be invested in the cleaning and maintenance of channels and micro-dams.

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