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San Francisco Libre a Municipality of Managua to visit

The Tourism Cabinet of the Department of Managua made the tourist relaunch of the municipality of San Francisco Libre, which is located 76 kilometers from the Nicaraguan capital, a place where you can enjoy the benefits of nature and alternative medicine through mud therapy .

This tourist relaunch is part of the Nicaragua Linda campaign, developed by the mayoralties in the different municipalities of the country in coordination with the Good Government, through INTUR and INIFOM, to promote the different tourist destinations and entrepreneurship.

The presentation of the municipality was made by Mayor José Ángel Velásquez, who explained the development that San Francisco Libre has achieved from 2007 to date, with the construction of the access road, the Puerto Carlos Fonseca Amador, the Natural Park, The Municipal Stadium and sports fields, as well as, the hydraulic concrete and cobbled streets in the urban area, the expansion of the network of the drinking water system and electricity in the communities of this municipality.

He also announced that San Francisco Libre has 7 destinations of interest to tourists, among them El Bosque Limón, where they can hike and bathe in La Bocana, which is the junction of the Río Grande de Matagalpa and Lake Xolotlán; the mud therapy and hydrotherapy center where they can receive alternative medicine, the Aguas Azules spa; in addition to the different gastronomic offers that the municipality offers.

Similarly, the Vice Mayor María Albina Conde announced the activities of February in the municipality, in which she highlighted sports and family recreation activities in the courts and parks of the municipality, as well as the election of the pretty queen of San Francisco Libre to be held on Saturday, February 24.

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