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Dalia Ocampo receives the keys to her decent home

The five children of Mrs. Dalia del Socorro Ocampo Escobar now have a new house. This morning the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda and the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), His Excellency Jaime Chin Mu Wu, handed over the keys to the protagonist.

Doña Dalia said that she has lived in the Dios Proveerá neighborhood for 9 years and before being benefited, her house was built of zinc sheets, but now thanks to the will of the Government authorities and the Chinese Taiwan Embassy, her story is another already has a decent and safe home.

"I am very happy, because I already have my blessing," said Ocampo, referring to his new home.

The Mayor of Managua, comrade Reyna Rueda, expressed that "it is a blessing that we are providing a decent home with affection and love on a daily basis."

He also reported that since 2014 to date, the Mayor's Office has built a total of 14 homes in this neighborhood, benefiting the same number of families.

He announced that the commune has carried out other projects in this same neighborhood, such as the lining of 13 streets with hydraulic concrete that had an investment cost of more than 8 million cordobas; in the same way, the construction of pluvial inspection wells was carried out, 8 drains and 259 linear meters of pipe were installed.

 For his part, the Ambassador of China-Taiwan, Mr. Jaime Chin Mu Wu, commented that in the last three months they have visited several districts of Managua and he has been impressed by the warmth of the people from the capital.

"Today we are here to deliver the house to the beneficiary lady and for that reason, we are happy because she already has a safe house," emphasized the Ambassador in his statements and commented that they will continue to support, to bring happiness to the families with the delivery of more decent homes.

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