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Construction of the 7 Sur Overpass is 91 percent complete

The construction of the 7 Sur Overpass is 91 percent complete, there are 30 days left to complete the minor works and it is expected to be inaugurated in the first days of March, as explained by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the new road work.

"This project improves circulation in one of the most important road traffic arteries in the capital, it facilitates mobility for all Managuas living in this sector, it has 91 percent progress in its construction, both Bridges are already finished and we hope to inaugurate it at the end of February or the beginning of March, the bridge will have 8 lanes and a roundabout, right now we are pouring the hydraulic concrete in the lanes of the lower part ”.

Moreno explained that in the next 30 days the bridge railings, the lighting and signaling system of the project will be installed.

"The bridges are practically finished, the design of the work consists of the two interlocking Y-shaped bridges, the bridge from north to south will have 3 lanes, two that are to always travel from north to south and one to turn and enter the Juan Pablo II Track, this will allow a fluidity of the main traffic ”.

On the axis of the southern highway there will be 8 lanes, 4 from north to south and 4 from south to east, but towards the Juan Pablo II track there will be 10 lanes that go from the 7 south to the Rotunda El Periodista.

The new mega-construction was built with state-of-the-art anti-seismic technology, in each of the bridge supports, essential seismic isolators for this type of works were incorporated.

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