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Miss Managua 2019 is crowned

In an atmosphere of joy and festivity, the election of Miss Managua 2019 was held, an event that took place in the Plaza del Paseo Xolotlán, on the night of Saturday, January 26, with the attendance of hundreds of residents of the capital who came to support to each of the candidates.

This activity that was carried out in greeting to the Bicentennial of Managua, Miss Ana Yansi Manzano Romero obtained the scepter of the municipal contest; Likewise, Zarahí Reyes was crowned as Miss Culture and Jahayra Baltadono as Miss Sport.

Eleven candidates from the different districts of the capital participated in the contest, who paraded before the attending population and the qualifying jury; The event began with the presentation of the candidates in traditional dress, then they made a presentation in sports suits and evening dresses, and then went on to the question period by the jury.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, who was in charge of crowning the 3 elected ladies, said that this event was part of the celebrations organized by the Mayor's Office of Managua within the framework of the bicentennial of the city.

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