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Capitalinos has a new Sports Complex in District 5

In restitution of the right to sports, recreation and healthy family recreation, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power has the new Germán Pomares Ordóñez sports complex, in District 5 of Managua, which is incorporated into the first-level sports infrastructure of the Nicaraguan capital.

The construction of this sports complex was sponsored by the National Assembly and was carried out in coordination with the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, who delivered the work to the population of the sector, and these, in turn, committed themselves to the care and conservation of the itself, as part of shared social responsibility.

The investment in this work of the Common Good, has an amount of 7 Million 419 Thousand 619 Córdobas, which were executed in the construction of the wall and perimeter mesh, the facade of the entrance of the sports complex, restrooms and bleachers; in addition to the installation of grass and towers for lighting the baseball stadium; as well as the removal in the area of children's games.

This inauguration was held in an atmosphere of joy and festivity, with the assistance of the families of the Germán Pomares neighborhood and neighboring sectors, who gathered to celebrate the inauguration of this work with piñatas, clowns, cultural dances and recreational activities.

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