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Monte Nebo Project receives 1200 requests in one day

One day after the presentation of the new Monte Nebo housing project, a little more than 1,200 people have come forward to seek information on the requirements to apply for the program.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the municipal government will receive applications and advise on all the procedures that must be followed to access the housing program.

“24 hours after the announcement of the new Monte Nebo project, a public-private initiative, we have attended an estimated 1,200 people, this shows the confidence of our people in this government and the housing solutions that we are presenting, we met with the project developers to evaluating the details and seeing the demand of the people we decided to streamline the processes to present new initiatives in the shortest time possible, yesterday we presented the first development of 310 homes, but given the response of our people we will work to present other initiatives that will be execute simultaneously ”.

The requirements that the applicants must present either in the offices of the Mayor's Office, New Century and INVUR is a denial of assets, proof of salary, if they do not have proof of individual or joint income.

Moreno explained that the project to be executed with the banking system, there are requirements that must be met, so all applicants who arrive at the Social Programs offices will be explained the process.

"Those who fill out an application we will give them an accompaniment on how to comply with all the applicants, this project is a complement to the" Bismarck Martínez Program ", which has 9000 applications, for those who can pay a little more".

The people benefiting from this project must have a premium of $ 500, INVUR will apply a bonus and the monthly payments will be $ 60.

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