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Residents of Batahola Norte celebrate the beautification of the park

On the afternoon of Friday, January 25, the families of the Batahola Norte neighborhood met in the Manuel de Jesús Rivera “La Mascota” park, which is located in the center of this community in District 2 of Managua.

The Nicaraguan Institute of Insurance and Reinsurance (INISER), in coordination with the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power, carried out the removal and repair of the perimeter mesh, children's games, flower beds, benches, garbage cans, as well as the pedestrian platforms of this community park.

The work was inaugurated and delivered to the community by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who urged the families of the sector to take care of this work as part of shared social responsibility.

For their part, the families of the Batahola Norte community expressed their gratitude for this work of the common good, as expressed by Mrs. María Esther Alguera, founder of the neighborhood, who said she was happy with the rehabilitation of this space for family recreation.

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