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Cultural Festival in celebration of the Bicentennial of Managua

In greeting to the Bicentennial of our capital city, the 9 municipalities of the department of Managua, presented on January 24, different artistic expressions in the Plaza de Colores of Paseo Xolotlán.

The activity was chaired by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, who announced that several dance and musical groups were presented at this inter-municipal activity.

The Tepenahuatl ballet directed by Doña Blanca Guardado, performed the folkloric presentations and made artistic interpretations of the dances and traditions of Managua.

He also announced that this weekend activities will take place in Paseo Xolotlán, including the Señorita Managua 2019 contest, as part of the bicentennial activities.

For their part, the families attending the event expressed their satisfaction with this artistic event that exposes culture and history, on the bicentennial of the Leal Villa de Managua.

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