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Mateare promotes its tourist offer

The municipality of Mateare carried out the tourist launch of the region under the slogan "Nicaragua always beautiful", prior to the summer season, the municipality offers national and foreign tourists from hiking, to competent rowing, kayaking and a gastronomy rich in flavor and tradition.

The capital tourism cabinet made up of the vice-mayors of the municipalities and coordinated by the Vice-mayor Enrique Armas, continues with the project of improving working conditions for entrepreneurs who work in the tourism industry, at the same time the project optimizes the different options offered by the Managua tourist route.

As the summer season begins and the Easter holidays approach, all tourist routes strengthen their offer and their entertainment programs, Armas explained.

"Supporting all the entrepreneurial brothers of tourism and the promotion of the different tourist offers that our capital has in all its municipalities, is a permanent project that has the support of the Central Government directed by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, especially now that we are preparing to celebrate the bicentennial of the capital, which will bring many tourists ”.

The Mayor of Mateare, María Isabel Ramírez Orozco, explained that at the beginning of this season, fairs will be organized on weekends in every corner of the municipality.

“From this weekend there will be fairs in the neighborhoods and in the regions, there we will offer school products, since the classes, meals and traditional products of the time are nearby, at the same time all the tourist centers will make available to the tourists activities, contest for the benefit of the well-being and family recreation ”.

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